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-First name: Whitney
-Middle name: Elizabeth
-Last name: [insert here]
-Nickname(s): Whit, Lou, Whit-Whit, Boomhauer, 'Nay
-Gender: Female
-Birthday: September 01
-Height: 5'7"-5'8"
-Hair color: Brunette [heavy blonde accents]
-Eye color: Blue
-Glasses or contacts: Neither, green contacts for show
-Braces: In the past, thrice
-Is your hair long or short: Medium
-Zodiac sign: Virgo
-How many languages do you know: Just English, very little Spanish
-What language do you want to learn: More Spanish & German
-Bad habits: Too skeptical, random sleeping habits
-Piercings you have: Bottom of each ear thrice, cartlidge of each ear, tragus of left ear, bellybutton & tongue
-Piercing you want: Nose or upper labret
Tattoos you have: A nautical star on my left hip and a spider on my right butt cheek
-Today is: Tuesday
-The time: 06:50PM

-Mother's name: Donna
-Father's name: Lance
-Brother's name: Aaron, Craig [bro-in-law]
-Sister's name: Nicki
-Favorite aunt: Dobbin
-Favorite uncle: Jackie
-Do you get along with your parents: Yes

-Do you have any pets: Yea, back home
-What are their names: Tonic & Lucy
-What kind of animals are they: Tabby cats

-Are you still in school: College, yes
-Did you drop out: Nah, I graduated in May
-Current gpa: Right now, not sure; graduated with a 4.2
-Favorite grade: Senior year
-Least favorite grade: Freshman year
-Favorite teacher: Mr. Snead, sophomore/senior computer engineering teacher
-Least favorite teacher: Eh... probably Stat. teacher senior year, just out there
-Favorite subject: English, Science
-Least favorite subject: Statistics
-Do/did you buy lunch or bring it: Bought it
-Play any sports on the school's team: Nah
-Do/did you do any extracurricular activities: Did quite a few
-Are/was you popular: I hung out with a variety of people, knew a lot on the 'what's up' basis
-Favorite dance: Senior Prom
-Favorite memory: All those morninings with KP, lunch with J-Dub & Boone, Random things we did trying not to get in trouble

-Number: 7 & 3
-Letter: X
-Shoes: Rainbow Flip-flaps [cliche, yes]
-Saying(s): Girl, bye!
-TV show: CSI & Forensic Files
-Sport: Football
-Vegetable: I <3 vegetables...
-Fruit: Pineapple
-Movie: Scream, Halloween, American Beauty, Sixteen Candles, Fear, Drop Dead Fred, My Boyfriend's Back, A Walk to Remember, Taking Lives
-Magazine: Rolling Stone
-Actor: Johnny Depp & Mark Whalberg
-Actress: Angelina Jolie
-Candy: PB Twix
-Gum: Big Red
-Scent: My man :); "Mania" by Armani, "Endless Love" by Victoria's Secret; the ocean & rain
-Ice cream flavor: Depends on the ice cream vendor
-Color: Black, pink & grassy greens [changes frequently]
-Season: Summer
-Holiday: Christmas, Halloween & 4th of July
-Band: Matchbox 20, 12 Stones, Boyz II Men, Blessid Union of Souls, Tonic, Marilyn Manson, Story of the Year ... the list goes on.
-Singer: Karyn White, Babyface, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Gavin DeGraw, Usher, Martina McBride, Matt Wertz ... I can't narrow this down!
-Rapper: Trina, Ludacris, Lil Jon, Lil Wayne, etc.
-Type of music: R&B, Rock, Alternative, Punk, Country, Oldies, Rap [I'm not picky]
-Thing in your room: Bed
-Place to be: On the coast of somewhere beautiful, with my friends, or with my boy :)
-Food: Chicken, junk food, cheese fries
-Store: Target, Hollister Co., Gadzooks, thrift/surplus stores, American Beauty, Wet Seal, Delias, Hot Topic
-Fast food: Bojangles
-Restaurant: Outback
-Time of day: Night
-Boys name: Ellis, Ethan
-Girls name: Sidney, Andie, Lyric
-Mall: Ehr... Crabtree
-Video game: Crash Bandicoot
-Shampoo: Beachblonde
-Board game: Monopoly
-Computer game: Polar Bowler
-Month: July
-Cartoon character: Scooby Doo
-Scary movie: Scream [although it wasn't all that scary...]

First thing you think of...
-Eminem: Sexy
-Dog: Cat
-Hot: Cold
-Britney Spears: Legs
-N Sync: Backstreet Boys
-Real World: MTV
-Orange: Juice
-Choice: Pro
-Fuck: Sweat
-Bisexual: Kiss
-Black: White
-ICQ: Number
-Insane clown posse: Make-up
-Linkin park: Crawling
-Jack: In the box
-Rainbow: Rain
-Cucumber: Tomato
-Shark: Attack
-Lifehouse: Amazing
-Bat: Bite
-Leather: Pants
-Whip: Whipped
-America: USA
-Water: Ocean

This or that...
-Linkin park or limp bizkit: Linkin Park
-Selena or jennifer lopez: Jennifer Lopez
-Hot or cold: Hot
-Winter or summer: Summer
-Spring or fall: Spring
-Shakira or britney: Britney
-MTV or vh1: MTV
-Buffy or angel: Buffy
-Dawson's creek or gilmore girls: Dawson's Creek
-Football or basketball: Football
-Hot topic or pac sun: Hot Topic
-Cell phone or pager: Cell phone
-Pen or pencil: Pen
-Tattoos or piercings: Depends on the location

Private life...
-Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: Yes
-Do you have a crush: No
-Have you ever been in love: Yes
-How many people have you kissed: One
-How many hearts of have you broken: None that I'm aware of
-How many people broke your heart: None
-Best quote to sum up love: "We drifted beneath the polished stream, but now we've met and kissed and learned to breathe"
-So what is your bf/gf/crush like: Wild, amazing, amusing, talented, deteremined
-Do you go by looks or personality: At first, looks; but I fall for personality.
-Ever kiss a friend: He was a friend before I adored him
-So moving along..do you smoke: Socially
-Do you smoke weed: Nah
-Are you a virgin: Nope
-If no, when was the last time you got some: Haha... Sunday

Would you ever...
-Bungee jump: Yes
-Sky dive: Yes
-Swim with dolphins: I'd love to
-Scuba dive: Love to do that, too
-Go rock climbing: Yea
-Eat shit for a $1000000: Probably
-Turn your back on your friends for personal gain: No
-Steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: Nah
-Run from the police: Depends on if I thought I'd get away
-Lie to your parents: We all do
-Walk up to a stranger and kiss them: Maybe, probably not
-Be an exotic dancer: If I were confident enough
-Walk out of a restaurant without paying: Nah

Have you ever...
-Flashed someone: Unintentionally
-Told a person how you felt bout them: Yes, yes, yes
-Been to michigan: Nope
-Gone to jail or juvi: Nah
-Skateboarded: Tried to
-Skinnydipped: Yessire
-Stolen anything: Nah
-Kicked someone's ass: Playin' around, yea
-Pegged someone in the head with a snowball: Nope
-Gotten into a bar, under-aged: Yes
-Kissed someone of the same sex: Peck kiss
-Gone on a road trip: Yep
-Gone on vacation without adult supervision: Yes
-Been to a concert: A lot
-Been to another country: Nope
-Got pulled over: Yes
-Got in a car accident: Yes =/
-Given money to a homeless person: Yea
-Tried to kill yourself: Nope
-Kissed a friend's brother or sister: No

-What do you think...about pop music: I like it, some of it's stupid though.
-About boy bands: I'm an ex-teenybopper, enough said!
-Of the war on terrorists: I'd rather not discuss it
-About suicide: It's selfish, life always gets better
-About people who try to force their opinions on you: I have my own
-About abortion: Pro-choice

What did you do...
-Last birthday: Not much of anything, saw my boy the next day :D
-Yesterday: Slept, worked on some stuff for class, was lazy to be honest
-Last weekend: Partied
-Christmas: Spent it with my parents/grandparents
-Thanksgiving: Ate at my grandparents, chilled with Alan
-New year's: Chilled with KP, Alan & Peter at my house
-Halloween: Alan, Hardy & Me went to this lame ass party... [met them]
-Easter: SPRING BREAK! Was at the beach...
-Valentine's day: Moped :/

The last...
-Thing you ate: Cereal
-Thing you drank: Sweet tea
-Thing you wore: Hanes drawers & black sweater
-Place you went: Dining hall
-Thing you got pierced/tattooed: Left hip
-Person you saw: Maggie
-Person you kissed: Alan
-Person you fucked: Uh, I hate that word, but Alan
-Person you talked to: Maggie & Michelle
-Song you heard: "Everytime I Close My Eyes" by Babyface

-What are you eating: Nothing
-What are you drinking: Nothing
-What are you wearing: Express Jeans, wife-beater, green/yellow button down shirt, VS bra & rainbow flip-flaps
-Any shoes on: Yep
-Hat: Nah
-Listening to: "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye
-Talking to anyone: Yes; Maggie & Michelle
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