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i'm your rhinestone votive

Wonder Number Eight
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Carolina girl to the core although I'm not fond of my hometown, it shall always be home. Currently living in a college town, going to school and working. Spends a considerable amount of time between her apartment & her man's arms. Doesn't really plan on living here after college.

Blue eyed. Brunette (naturally) --- strands tend to be dyed often, currently blonde. Semi-tall. Long legs. Breastless. Big feet. Currently working on toning&muscles. Two tattoos, a total of twelve self-inflicted holes (ears, nose, tragus, tongue, navel).

Nineteen - [Living on crazy dreams, rock-n-roll and faded blue-jeans and standing on the edge of everything].

Fanatical about MUSIC, lyrics and anything to do with them. Has no preference; country, rap, rock, alternative rock, r&b, soul, oldies ... anything, it is another oxygen. An avid writer when her mind permits her to be.

Isn't you and doesn't really wish to be.

Not beautiful. Content. Mostly happy. Religious within. A best friend. An Aunt. A daughter; a granddaughter; an aquaintance; a human. Has a few best friends, some of which are female, some of which are male. Would walk across the ocean for a few people, and never think twice.

Doesn't hand out her trust that easily, but when you've torn down the wall: welcome.

Bleeds. Cusses. Laughs loud. Adores life beyond words. Misses people. Likes crowds, but likes her time alone. Loves memories and making them. Black and white photography is another passion. Has a slight obesession for beaches, or oceans, or coastlines, or anything like that.

Her main weakness is that man. He makes her weak in the knees and his phonecalls make her giddy inside. And once again, they're finally face to face. And it is still so fucking surreal.

Wouldn't trade the crew that she rolls with for anything. They are her life.

Fears too many things to list here, but tries not let them swallow her life. Visits one grave frequently (RIP LTA 091481 - 011104) and prays daily.

Needs ten thousand angels watching over her tonight, and tomorrow and the rest of her life.